A Young Girl and Her Pencil

Many of you will remember a photo that Peg Herbert took 12 years ago of a sweet young girl at her primary school in Lesotho. The photo of little Lits’oanelo with a pencil stub tied around her neck for safe-keeping touched many hearts.


Earlier this year, Peg posted this photo as a ‘flashback’ on Twitter.

Shortly thereafter, she received a reply from a young woman in Lesotho who felt a connection to the little girl in the photo, because the girl reminded her of herself. The woman expressed a desire to help the little girl, who is now in high school.

Help Lesotho was able to reconnect with Lits’oanelo and provide her with a pair of shoes, some new clothing, and some school supplies all courtesy of the woman from Twitter.

Stories like this are so encouraging to us! This little girl has inspired so many people to generously support Help Lesotho, and we are so happy to see her doing well as she continues to pursue her education!


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