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Makamohelo Thoala

Pitseng Centre Supervisor

Makamohelo Thoala or M’e Thoala, as staff call her, hails from Pitseng and is the mother of two sons. She was a teacher at Pitseng high school for 8 years and received her Diploma in Adult Education in 2010. Since 2008, over 3,000 children, youth, young mothers and grandmothers have accessed Pitseng Centre services and programs, which include literacy resources, sports, leadership training, life skills and health education.  M’e Thoala has been the supervisor of the Pitseng Centre since 2013, and has been the force behind leading the smooth running of Pitseng Centre programs and services. M’e Thoala is a trusted and highly respected member of her community because of the dedication, care and professionalism with which she conducts her work. She loves working with the children, youth and young mothers, saying that she enjoys playing with them, sharing stories with them and guiding them. M’e Thoala says that her work with grandmothers is especially poignant because it is informed by her relationship with her mother-in-law. She says that her mother-in-law has imparted great wisdom to her and has taught her key aspects of Basotho history and culture with boundless kindness. It is her relationship with her mother-in-law that strengthened her ability to relate and work with the grandmothers on a deeper level.


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