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Thato Letsela

Hlotse Centre Supervisor

Thato Letsela received her diploma to teach secondary education from the Lesotho College of Education in 2011. She worked as a high school substitute teacher until attending Help Lesotho’s Youth Leaders in Training program in early 2014. She became a Youth Leader Volunteer and was hired as the Hlotse Centre Supervisor in August 2014.  Ausi Thato keeps busy organizing all the programming at Help Lesotho’s Seotlong Centre. She oversees the centre’s library, computer literary courses, children’s programming, youth tutoring and life skills trainings. She believes the programming offered transforms lives, because it provides a safe space for children and youth to learn life-changing knowledge and skills such as HIV/AIDS prevention, gender equity empowerment, leadership development, and computer literacy, which provides youth with skills needed to enter the workforce.


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