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Shadrack Mutembei

Country Director

In 2011, Mr. Mutembei assumed the newly created position of Country Director in Lesotho. He provides daily onsite management to ensure Help Lesotho is focused and accountable to its beneficiaries and donors.  Previously Country Director of Habitat for Humanity in Lesotho for four years, Shadrack holds a MA in organizational leadership and NGO management from Eastern University, USA .  He brings seventeen years of experience in organizational leadership and program management and is recognized as a talented leader in Lesotho. Shadrack is the co-founder of the Country Directors’ Leadership Forum of Lesotho.

“I feel humbled to work for an organization that is making remarkable difference in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. There is nothing as rewarding as adding value to the lives of others. Helping one person acquire adequate education and leadership skills influences a lot of people and has the power to transform entire communities. Changing the lives of orphans, youth and grandmothers with the Help Lesotho team is a privilege!”


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