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Felleng Lethola

Advocacy and Networks Officer

Felleng Lethola has worked as a Senior Counsellor with Lesotho Save the Children organization with orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), youth and herd boys in the areas of life skills, alcohol and drug abuse. In this capacity, she held village gatherings to address issues of concern to the community, as well as individual counselling. ‘M’e Felleng was a Community Mobilisation Facilitator for World Vision Lesotho training the community on HIV Prevention, providing psychosocial support, visiting the OVC’s and distributing relief packages. It was ‘M’e’s responsibility to identify children with different illnesses and make referrals to health centres. Joining Help Lesotho in March 2012 as the Grandmother Support Officer, ‘M’e Felleng took over the new role of Advocacy and Networks Officer in 2016.


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