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US Donors

Help Lesotho is thankful to the Freedom Financial Foundation for partnering with Help Lesotho through the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to make it possible for US donors to receive tax receipts for donations directed to Help Lesotho. Help Lesotho appreciates that Freedom Financial Foundation is covering the administrative costs associated with processing the donations made through this partnership. Please note that Freedom Financial Foundation and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation will NOT solicit you in any way.

From now on, if you wish to receive a tax receipt for your donations to Help Lesotho, simply send your donation to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation with the following designation: “Freedom Financial Foundation, 5686, recommended for Help Lesotho”. Note that your receipt will be issued by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The following payment types are accepted:

When making a gift, please email and so both organizations can ensure your gift is properly processed.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation
2440 West El Camino Real, Suite 300
Mountain View, California 94040-1498

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