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Sponsor a Grandmother

Grandmothers are an essential component of communities in Lesotho. The devastation wrought by HIV/AIDS has left many grandmothers as the sole caregivers of orphaned grandchildren. Our “Sponsor a Grandmother” program helps provide the support these women need to raise their grandchildren.

sponsor a grandmother program
grandmother sponsorship
help grandmothers in Africa

The Grandmother Sponsorship Program supports grandmothers as they grieve the loss of their children while simultaneously caring for their orphaned grandchildren. Dealing with poverty themselves, many grandmothers struggle to clothe, feed and educate these vulnerable children. By working with grandmothers, Help Lesotho has the ability to reach entire families with real support and education. The grandmothers selected for the program are identified by local chiefs in the rural villages where the program operates.

grandmother sponsorship
grandmother sponsorship


Monthly Donation Payments:  $25 – Click here to start your monthly sponsorship!

Annual Donation Payment:     $300 – Click here to start your annual sponsorship!

What Your Sponsorship Covers: Sponsoring a grandmother is not a one-to-one relationship between the sponsor and the grandmother. Your sponsorship allows one grandmother to participate in Help Lesotho’s Grandmother Days program. Grandmothers are invited to a monthly Grandmother Days where they will build a strong support network with other grandmothers in the area. Each monthly meeting focuses on a different topic, ranging from dealing with grief and loss, teaching children about the risks of HIV/AIDS, to ways to care for sick family members and friends. Grandmothers are also supported to build a village support network that will ensure program sustainability beyond the 2-year formal program. Other benefits include:

  • Repairs for damaged huts
  • Food parcels with essential cooking supplies
  • Support to build a key-hole garden and plant seeds
  • Blankets and shoes
  • Assistance with income generating projects

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