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Sponsor a Child, Young Mother or Grandmother

Help Lesotho offers two types of sponsorship programs;

  1. One-to-One Sponsorship (Child Sponsorship): Individual sponsors are matched to individual children in Lesotho through the Child Sponsorship Program. Each child enrolled in the program is supported exclusively by the one selected sponsor. Funds collected from sponsors are used exclusively to support the designated child. Correspondence (including photos of the child) is exchanged between the sponsor and sponsored child.
  1. General Sponsorship (Young Mother and Grandmother Sponsorship): Sponsors through the Young Mother and Grandmother Sponsorship Program are not matched one-to-one to a young mother or grandmother in Lesotho. Instead, the funds collected from sponsors cover the costs associated with keeping one young mother or grandmother enrolled in Help Lesotho’s program for one year. Correspondence and individual relationships are not possible through these programs for many reasons (example: Many young mothers and grandmothers have not attended sufficient formal schooling to be able to communicate in English).


 Sponsoring a Child, Young Mother or Grandmother is a wonderful way to make a difference in the life of someone in Lesotho!


child sponsorship programs

Help Lesotho’s Child Sponsorship Program is entirely committed to supporting students to complete their high school education. By sponsoring a child, you will cover the cost of their annual school fees, uniform, shoes, textbooks, exam fees and toiletries kits. Child Sponsorship is a minimum 5-year commitment to support a student through the duration of their 5-year high school program. Cost: $48/month or $575/year (including Leadership Camp)


young mother sponsorship programs

By Sponsoring a Young Mother, sponsors cover the cost of enrolling a vulnerable young mother in Lesotho in Help Lesotho’s Young Mother Support Program for one year. This program educates young mothers about pre- and post-natal care, maternal health, early childhood development, nutrition, and basic parenting strategies. Sponsors receive a bi-annual ‘Young Mother Spotlight’ which profiles one of the young mothers benefiting from sponsorship support. Cost: $25/month or $300/year


grandmother sponsorship programs

Grandmother Sponsorship supports more than just a single grandmother – the benefits of this program lead to improvements in the health and well-being of entire families. Grandmother sponsors cover the cost of enrolling a grandmother who is caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in Help Lesotho’s Grandmother Support Program for one year. This program educates grandmothers about HIV/AIDS, gender equity, nutrition, and communication, and also provides relief through items such as food parcels, blankets, mattresses, and key hole gardens. Sponsors receive a bi-annual ‘Grandmother spotlight’ which profiles one grandmother benefiting from sponsorship support. Cost: $20/month or $240/year



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Become a sponsor for all three of Help Lesotho’s sponsorship programs! You can sponsor a child, a young mother AND a grandmother for only $93/month!

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