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Donate Securities

When you sell stocks or mutual funds, you are required to pay tax on 50% of the capital gain. Did you know that if you make a donation of public securities (stocks, income trust units, bonds, mutual fund units and shares) to Help Lesotho, you will save even more tax than giving cash since any capital gain on those securities is eliminated?

Most importantly, your donation will be put to work right away to support future generations of people in Lesotho.

It is easy to transfer securities electronically from your brokerage account to the Help Lesotho account. We will issue you a receipt for the closing price on the date the transfer occurs. Please follow these steps:

  1. Kindly complete this Securities Transfer Form with your broker;
  2. Have your broker contact the Help Lesotho broker (details on the form) to initiate the transfer; and
  3. Mail or scan a copy of the form to Help Lesotho so we can identify your securities and issue your tax receipt.

*Please note that as of October 2019 Help Lesotho changed brokerage accounts. Please ensure to download the new form so your transfer goes to the correct account! 

Advantages to you:

  • Satisfaction: Seeing your gift put to good use today;
  • Reduce taxes owing: No capital gains tax paid; and
  • Tax relief today: You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the value of the stocks donated.

Information you will need:

  • Legal name: Help Lesotho
  • Charitable registration number: 82246 8476 RR0001
  • Address: 610 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1S 4E6

For more information please contact Kate Lambert, Director, at 613-369-5868 or

*Disclaimer: this information is for reference purposes only and does not constitute nor substitute legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Please consult with your professional advisor, family or legal team to make decisions that suit your circumstances and charitable goals.

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