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Sandra Knight – a true Help Lesotho Guardian 

Sandra Knight with Felleng 2 (2)Retired teacher, Sandra Knight, learned about the importance of giving at a very early age. She was an only child who grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Polio prevented her father, a chartered accountant, from active duty during W.W.II, but he found other ways to give and became a lifelong volunteer. Sandra has fond memories of sharing some of his activities.

He taught her that perseverance could make dreams come true. Because of his active lifestyle, Sandra never realized that he was different until he eventually got a handicapped sticker for the family car. Reflecting, Sandra smiles and admits she had a wonderful childhood – family, friends, pets, books, grandparents – all the things a child could wish for. Sadly, so many of these things are missing in the lives of the children of Lesotho today.

After an enjoyable thirty year career, Sandra now spends her time traveling and volunteering for several local agencies. She firmly believes in Help Lesotho’s work. She knows that teaching the girls and boys of Lesotho about safe sex, HIV/Aids and gender equity is essential to saving lives.

A few years ago, when writing her will, her financial advisor suggested she consider a gift to charity in her estate planning. She was proud to name Help Lesotho as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Help Lesotho is honoured to have Sandra’s trust and future gift on file as it helps with long term planning and sustainability.

Sandra enjoys reading Peg’s letters from Lesotho and attending local events including the PossibiliTEA, December 2014, where she met Queen Masenate of Lesotho, as well as 16-year-old Felleng (pictured here with Sandra and Peg). Because of Help Lesotho’s low overhead costs and careful planning, she is confident her future gift will go directly to improving the lives of the people of Lesotho.


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