Life Insurance

From a young age we feel the responsibility of protecting our family income under any circumstance, especially the passing of a wage earner. We spend years paying premiums for our life insurance coverage because at the time we submitted to the underwriting process there was an obvious need for this coverage.

However, as life happens the original need for this coverage may disappear. Is this type of coverage still appropriate for you? You may want to ask yourself whether there still a place for life insurance coverage on your life? Will it be paid to your estate?If so, it will be included in the total estate value and therefore subject to probate fees and distribution according to instructions in your Will.

If you name a direct beneficiary no creditor or other body can access those funds upon death of the insured. Many people own life insurance to cover eventual taxation on their registered assets or capital gains taxes on investments or other holdings. Is your Estate value sufficient to cover this tax bill or do you have planned gifts in place to reduce or eliminate this taxation?

For more information about how you can bequest a gift to Help Lesotho through your life insurance please contact Marlene Caicco, Donor Relations Manager at 613-369-5892 or Click here to discover additional ways to give in support of Help Lesotho. Thank you!