Including Charity as a Child in Your Will

Estate planning is important regardless of whether you believe that you have a little or a lot. Many donors mistakenly assume that a small estate can yield little in terms of charitable gifts, especially if there are children to consider.

However, that is not necessarily true.

For Example:

Let’s assume you have 3 children and an after-tax estate value of $500,000 (this is easily attained if you own a home).

You might think to distribute that between your three children:

  • They would each receive $167,000.

legacy giving without charity

However, if you add a fourth “child” into the mix (charity), your estate would then be divided among four beneficiaries:

  • They would each receive $125,000.

Then each of your children can also share in the tax credit that results from the donation receipt of this gift, giving each of them an additional $21,000 afterwards.

legacy giving with charity

  • Each child would each receive $146,000
  • Charity would receive $125,000

Giving to charity through your estate can allow you to leave a lasting legacy, while still ensuring those who survive you are taken care of. For more information about how you can bequest to Help Lesotho through your Will please contact Marlene Caicco, Donor Relations Manager at 613-369-5892 or Click here to discover additional ways to give in support of Help Lesotho. Thank you!”