Legacy Giving

Help Lesotho has partnered with “ADVISORS with Purpose” to offer you a unique, complimentary and confidential Legacy Giving, Estate Planning and Will Planning service.

advisors with purpose legacy giving

Through this partnership, you have the opportunity to seek advice from an Estate Planner to help you create a legacy that will benefit the people and causes you care most about.

We have contracted “ADVISORS with Purpose” to provide their services for free to our donors, independent of Help Lesotho, fully confidential, and specifically tailored to your needs. This will have many benefits for your financial planning beyond any association with us.

How Can This Help You?

Working with the estate specialists at ADVISORS with Purpose can help you answer questions about your estate and craft a plan of real significance and real impact. The value of the advice and estate plan you will receive is between $1200 – $3000 (in a fee-for-service scenario).

  • How much is enough for me?
  • How much is enough for my family?
  • How much is enough for charity?

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Whether you feel that your estate is large or small, this is a chance for everyone to leave a legacy which truly matters.

Including charitable causes in your long-term financial planning helps you access tax benefits that ultimately benefit you and your estate/loved-ones, while enabling you to make a greater contribution to the world around you. Click here to watch a video about how this works.

Your Will is the last statement you will ever make.

Make it a meaningful one!

Getting Started

There are several ways to get started on the process of creating an estate plan that reflects the life you’ve lived and fulfills your goals and values.

connect with an advisor online about legacy giving

Use the online estate planning tool – The Giving Gateway. This tool will walk you through giving through your estate in a step by step process. When completed, please contact ADVISORS with Purpose to get started on creating your Estate Plan.

the giving gateway legacy giving

phone an advisor

Call our partners at ADVISORS with Purpose and speak to an estate specialist who can answer your questions and/or help you complete a personalized estate plan that can then be taken to a lawyer for execution. They can even help you find a lawyer if needed.



Contact us at Help Lesotho if you have any questions. To contact Help Lesotho about this exciting opportunity and the services available to you, please contact Kate Lambert, Help Lesotho’s Senior Project Officer. She would be more than happy to assist you!


Learn more about including a “child” called CHARITY in your estate planning. Explore cash vs, non-cash options, life insurance, and giving from registered assets.

Who is “ADVISORS with Purpose”?

ADVISORS with Purpose is an arm of the Canadian National Christian Foundation. Despite this affiliation, Help Lesotho’s partnership with them is not faith-based. We chose this organization because they have the best service we could find to provide free, independent and confidential estate planning advice for our donors.

We are confident that our ADVISORS with Purpose partnership will provide the kind of service you want, whether it is based on Christian beliefs or not.

who is advisors with purpose legacy giving

Note: ADVISORS with Purpose does not sell any products or receive a commission from their interactions with you. The Estate Planners do not sell insurance, provide investment advice or write Wills. It remains your responsibility to hire such professionals to complete your Will.

One Donor’s Perspective

charitable bequest given by sandra knight

“Retired teacher, Sandra Knight, learned about the importance of giving at a very early age. She was an only child who grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Polio prevented her father, a chartered accountant, from active duty during W.W.II, but he found other ways to give and became a lifelong volunteer. Sandra has fond memories of sharing some of his activities… Click to read more.