Spotlight: Tsita


My name is Tsita I live in in a little village in Butha Buthe. I have been one of the participants in the herd boys training this year by Help Lesotho.

The training has been indeed a life-changing experience.

As herd boys we spent our almost our entire lives looking after animals with no information about issues concerning us. Before I attended the Help Lesotho training, I used to be one of the perpetrators of violence against women. This was because it seemed normal to us as herd boys to beat and sexually violate women’s rights because no one took any action about it.

The issue of gender equity to me and my fellow colleagues was understood as a way of depriving us of our privileges and punishing us.

The training changed my whole thinking. Now we as herd boys we understand that women are human beings like us and they have similar rights and worth just like us. We are both equal creations of God and therefore we as men should stop abusing women and girls.

Ladies and gentlemen, gender equity doesn’t imply that men should be inferior.

It only means that both men and women should have equal opportunities and power in making decision about their lives because they both have the same capability.

To all young men in Lesotho, please let’s join hands and empower our beloved women and girls. Where are we expecting them to live when we mistreat them? They are our mothers and wife. Let us respect and honour them for the greatness they bring to our lives.

Now in my village we have a committee of herd boys who are fighting hard reporting cases of women and girls abuse. This, I am making a plea to every man in Lesotho to make it their assignment in their communities. Enough with women and girls abuse in any form.

We young men should work together to end violence against women.

I would humbly like to thank Help Lesotho for changing my life. Thank you.


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