Spotlight: Ntsatsi Lesuoa

Ntsatsi Lesuoa
Ntsatsi Lesuoa

Ntsatsi is 24 years old and has 3 children. When she was at university, she had a child. The stress and responsibility of being both a student and a mother were overwhelming, and she dropped out of school the following year. She experienced significant backlash from her community, who shamed her for letting pregnancy ruin her chance at a higher education. Ntsatsi felt overloaded and ashamed. Upon returning home, she entered Help Lesotho’s Young Mother’s Support Program.

After the young mother’s training, she now feels that her “self-esteem has been cultivated by the young mother’s program; I know that there’s still light. I can do many things for my children and give them a better life.”

The young mother’s program motivated her.

“I understood that I was not the only one. I thought that I was the only young mother facing these struggles but now I know that I’m not alone.”

The program developed her confidence and self-esteem to the point that she is now taking care of a 12-year old orphan who had nowhere else to go. She feels able to stand up to those in her community who mock her for taking on more responsibility, because she has learned how important role models are to developing children.

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