Spotlight: Masani

Masani Grandmother, late 60s


Nkhono Masani is known for her wide smile, despite coping with more challenges than most people can imagine.

Nkhono Masani’s late husband was a traditional doctor who married several women. While she did not realize how dire the consequences could be at the time, she now understands how she came to be HIV positive. Masani carries a great deal of emotional trauma from both living with her unfaithful husband and from grieving a man she loved despite his flaws.Masani and her husband had two daughters. Masani is now raising all five of her grandchildren after one daughter passed away and the other moved to South Africa in search of work. Masani is thankful that all 5 grandchildren, ages 7 — 13, are healthy and are enrolled in primary school.

Masani joined Help Lesotho’s Grandmother Support Program in 2015 and is overwhelmed by the appreciation she feels for the support she receives. She says that for her, this program provides her with a place where she can come for advice, for love, for working on stress-management and it has helped her become an advocate for knowing your status. Through the program, Masani has started working with other grandmothers to support one another and help with each other’s small businesses. By working together, they are all better able to support their families and are feeling more hopeful for the future.





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