A Girl in Lesotho


Read this special children’s book written by Help Lesotho’s Founder & Executive Director, Dr. Peg Herbert, to learn what it is like to grow up as a girl in rural Lesotho.



In this true and touching story, Nthati, a twelve year old girl living high in the mountains of Lesotho, southern Africa, shares her life and dreams with her imaginary friend in Canada. Nthati learns that it is indeed good to be a girl and that she can become a leader in Lesotho.

About the Author: Dr. Peg Herbert, an educational psychologist and former social worker, is the Founder and Executive Director of Help Lesotho. Since 2004, Peg has worked tirelessly to build the organization and its programming. She spends several months a year in Lesotho working directly with vulnerable children, youth and grandmothers. Peg is passionate about gender equity, cognitive development and building local capacity.

‘A Girl in Lesotho’ is both a lovely story to foster thinking for Canadian children and a chance to buy a book for a child in Lesotho who has never had a book of his or her own.

With thanks to the THICKE FAMILY for donating the cost of the printing, every cent from sales goes to support programs for girls in Lesotho.

Q & A about “A Girl in Lesotho”

What age group is ‘A Girl in Lesotho’ directed at?

While the lessons included in ‘A Girl in Lesotho’ are universal, the book is intended for primary school students. The reading level is appropriate for students in grade 4 and above.

What lessons does ‘A Girl in Lesotho’ teach?

‘A Girl in Lesotho’ inspires Canadian children to recognize that children around the world have different experiences. The book gently reveals that growing up as a girl in a country like Lesotho can be very challenging. The story also encourages children to reach for their dreams and not be afraid to want a better life for themselves and their communities. Teachers and parents are encouraged to use ‘A Girl in Lesotho’ as a tool to stimulate conversations with children.

Why is it important for Canadian children to learn about gender equity?

Girls around the world are vulnerable to countless forms of discrimination and abuse. It is important that Canadian girls and boys learn about the many issues that impact the rights of girls and women, and why is so important to keep girls in school.

How will donated copies of ‘A Girl in Lesotho’ be used?

Donated books will be distributed to Help Lesotho’s two libraries in Hlotse and Pitseng, and to individual children in Lesotho through Help Lesotho’s network of partner schools. As most children in Lesotho have never owned their own book, it will be very special for them to own a copy of this story that directly relates to their own experiences growing up in Lesotho.

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