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Peg Herbert

Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Peg Herbert founded Help Lesotho in 2004 after personally witnessing the staggering suffering and bravery of the people of Lesotho. She rallied thousands of Canadians to fund innovative programs and projects. Peg is an inspiring advocate for marginalized populations, beneficiary-led programming and advocacy work. Peg works tirelessly to use her professional expertise and experience to create educational programs that heal wounded hearts to build resilience, enhance participants’ cognitive development to promote self-management and develop leadership for all program beneficiaries to take action for the benefit of others.

Peg spends two to four months each year in Lesotho. She speaks to diverse audiences on the situation in Lesotho and how individuals, churches, groups, corporations, families and individuals can provide concrete assistance to this nation in its time of real need. In 2009, she hosted the King of Lesotho, His Majesty King Letsie III, for his five-day visit for Help Lesotho’s fifth anniversary celebrations. His Majesty offers high praise for the work Dr. Herbert does in Lesotho; as an avid supporter of the organization’s programs and projects, he is the Honorary Patron of Help Lesotho. In 2014, to celebrate Help Lesotho’s tenth anniversary, she hosted Queen Masenate and Princess Senate for a six-day visit and wrote a children’s book on the anniversary them of gender equity called “A Girl in Lesotho”.

Dr. Herbert is the recipient of the National Child’s Day ‘Woman of the Village” Award; the Women of Distinction Award: Business, Professional and Public Sector; winner of the Women of Influence’ Award Ottawa, nominee for the national top 25 Canadian Champions of Change Award and the prestigious Government of Canada Meritorious Service Award in 2017 for her outstanding service to Canada.

Peg holds a Ph.D. in Education specializing in educational and developmental psychology. A former social worker, Dr. Herbert taught graduate courses at the University of Ottawa for 10 years and has decades of experience with youth leadership programs and vulnerable populations. She has mentored hundreds of young people, both in Canada and Lesotho, to become community leaders.

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