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Pearls4Girls (P4G) is a Help Lesotho initiative that raises funds and awareness for gender equity and girls’ leadership programs.

Since its inception in 2006, Pearls4Girls has raised over 3/4 of a million dollars. With thousands of volunteers, party hosts, Pearl Bee participants and shoppers, the impact of Pearls4Girls is exciting and far-reaching. Hundreds of girls in Lesotho have had the opportunity to participate in Help Lesotho’s leadership camps, gender equity conferences and weekly village programs. These girls learn that they are not alone – that they are someone who matters – that they can make a difference. Each girl who participates in Help Lesotho’s leadership programs is supported to become an agent of change, thereby multiplying the positive impact of this program to hundreds of families, thousands of peers and countless communities.

Get Involved with Pearls4Girls!

SHOP – purchase beautiful freshwater pearl jewelry through the website: Our collections include bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces ranging from simple pearls-and-chain to elaborate multi-strand creations! *First time shoppers receive a 10% off discount code.

Purchase a Signature Bracelet Kit – this take-home-kit comes with all the supplies you need to make one bracelet including: pearls, silver spacers, elastic, glue, a (soft) threading needle and instructions. *This is a great option for schools looking for fundraiser ideas!

Pearls @ Workplaces – around the holidays, invite P4G volunteers to bring the jewellery collection for a noontime sale with your colleagues, or run a virtual ‘Pearl Party’ over zoom!

Donate to the Pearl Program – even if you don’t need any more jewelry, you can still support the Pearl Program with a monthly gift!

For more information, please check out and/or contact

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