Palesa Goes to Camp Episode 4: Camper Thoughts

All these campers are Help Lesotho’s sponsored children and their lives are changing. Watch as Palesa interviews our campers.


The Child Sponsorship Program is a combination of financial support for formal education and psychosocial support to help children grow up. Funding school fees demonstrates to each child that someone knows who they are, believes in them and will support them so they are no longer alone. Students are accountable to Help Lesotho to work hard, and they are also able to access greater support when challenges arise.

Help Lesotho’s Child Sponsorship Program matches sponsors with students who are unable to pursue their high school education. Sponsors are encouraged to commit to sponsorship for the duration of their sponsored child’s high school education (5-6 years).

Give a child in Lesotho a chance at a better future.



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