C1 child headedLesotho has the world’s 2nd highest rate of HIV/AIDS. With an infection rate of nearly 24%, nearly a quarter of the population is infected, and everyone is affected.

Help Lesotho is committed to preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS through education. The organization does not deliver medical interventions, however, we often partner with local clinics, nurses and medical organizations to offer our program participants the support they need. Through education, Help Lesotho equips beneficiaries with the knowledge they need to stay HIV-negative or live a healthy HIV-positive life.

In addition to providing beneficiaries with information about the transmission of HIV/AIDS, Help Lesotho challenges program participants to understand the consequences of stigma and discrimination in their communities. By breaking down stereotypes, challenging unhealthy behaviours and dispelling myths which contribute to the spread of this disease, Help Lesotho’s programs are a long-term strategy in the fight against HIV/AIDS.