Program Guidelines

Help Lesotho’s guidelines to deliver efficient and impactful programs include:

  1. Reiterative programming. Help Lesotho invests in reiterative programming. This is one of Help Lesotho’s strengths and program differentiator in Lesotho. Help Lesotho understands that development is not an event — it is a process. Our programs serve beneficiaries with multiple interventions in many ways rather than focus on one-time activities. People take time to process information. It takes time to sustain change. Reiterative programming involves the deliberate practice of repeating important content in various sessions and ways to ensure learners understand and process the material for maximum retention and impact;
  2. Leveraging: Help Lesotho increase its impact by partnering and leveraging our influence with other organizations, government agencies and departments and civil society groups to reach the poorest children and youth as the most vulnerable and affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS;
  3. Community building: Help Lesotho strengthens social ties and community sustainability by supporting and promoting community development, involvement and volunteerism and through on-going partnership development. Programming and expectations that enhance the motivation and leadership which lead to ‘taking actions for positive individual or social change’ builds families and communities. Participants will share what they learn and lend their voice to social change. Community-based, self-perpetuating programs will promote autonomy and reduce dependence.