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Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Lesotho

vulnerable children in africaHIV/AIDS has claimed the lives of thousands of parents in Lesotho, leaving nearly 20% of children orphaned and alone, and many more vulnerable. Single orphans (children who have lost one parent) and double orphans (children who have lost both parents) are left without the support structures needed to grow up as educated, socially responsible adults.

Vulnerable children are often cared for by grandmothers or in child-headed households. They often struggle to cope with the grief and loss they have experienced in their young lives. Without parental guidance or strong role models, they are left to find their own way. Help Lesotho is a family for these vulnerable children who have no one to turn to.

Help Lesotho uses the term ‘OVC’ to refer to orphans and vulnerable children who are young persons under the age of 18 years who have lost or are at risk of losing either one or both parents through chronic illness, death or abandonment and whose caregiver/guardian(s) is unable to provide adequate care and support.

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