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support grandmothers in lesothoHelp Lesotho has a unique mandate to support grandmothers. Grandmothers are the key support structure for children in Lesotho and are essential to their survival. With so many children left orphaned by AIDS, grandmothers have filled the role of parents and guardians. They have the burden and the unique opportunity to support their grandchildren to become educated young leaders.

Why Support Grandmothers?

Grandmothers require multi-faceted, holistic support. Many of them have lost their own children and family members to HIV/AIDS, leaving them confused, lonely and grief-stricken. These grandmothers are largely uneducated and unfamiliar with the disease that has claimed their loved ones. As grandmothers assume the responsibility of raising orphaned children, they struggle to communicate and relate with children who have been born into a very different generation. Despite their own poverty, illnesses and hopelessness, grandmothers have opened their homes and hearts to Lesotho’s orphaned children.

Help Lesotho supports grandmothers who are raising orphaned and vulnerable children by helping them cope with their grief and loss and develop strategies to best support the children in their care.

Learn how you can sponsor a grandmother in Lesotho!


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