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ULTIMATE OUTCOME (our vision): Children and youth experience gender equity in an HIV/AIDS-free Lesotho.

PROGRAM OUTCOME: Critical mass of children and youth leaders in Lesotho who have the knowledge, strategies and resilience to make healthy decisions and take action for the benefit of others.


  • Greater resilience
  • Increased capacity for self-management
  • More willingness and capacity to take action for the benefit of others
  • Greater knowledge and awareness of gender equity and HIV/AIDS


Psychosocial Graphic

…to heal and build resilience.


Help Lesotho provides support by:

  • Addressing feelings of grief and loss, isolation, depression, self-esteem, sexual and domestic violence, early and forced marriage and abuse;
  • Teaching coping strategies;
  • Fostering village support networks;
  • Role modeling and promoting healthy decisions; and
  • Providing vulnerable people with a place to belong and develop hope for their future.


Education Graphic

…to learn & develop self-management skills & strategies.

Help Lesotho instills knowledge about:

  • Life skills such as communication, goal setting, HIV/AIDS, decision making, behavioural change, conflict resolution and peer pressure;
  • Alternative healthy perspectives to unhealthy beliefs;
  • The advantages of gender equity for both men and women;
  • Ways to prevent HIV transmission and stigma;
  • Strategies for individual and household economic strengthening; and
  • Human rights and responsibilities.


Help Lesotho leadership training

…to take action for the benefit of others.

Help Lesotho promotes behaviour change by:

  • Generating strategies for beneficiaries to share what they learn with others;
  • Fostering a sense of purpose and participation in developing a healthy civil society;
  • Speaking out to prevent HIV transmission, gender inequity, sexual violence and early and forced marriage;
  • Building community networks and advocacy platforms; and
  • Empowering participants as positive agents of change in their own lives and in their families, schools and communities.

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