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Child Sponsorship

The Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) provides the financial and psychosocial support needed for vulnerable children to complete high school. Sponsors are asked to commit a minimum of 5 years of support through this one-to-one sponsorship program (the duration of high school in Lesotho). Learn more about this program.

Grandmother Support Program

Every two years, over 200 grandmothers participate in a community-based support group program. Monthly meetings include education on health and nutrition, grief and loss, home care and HIV/AIDS, as well as providing the opportunity for grandmothers to share their pain, fears and hopes with each other. Participants also receive such basic relief items as shoes, blankets, garden seeds, and emergency food parcels. Learn more about the grandmother support program! 

grandmother support

Young Mother Support Program

The Young Mothers Support Program equips impoverished young mothers and pregnant girls with the psychosocial support, child development knowledge and health education to improve the lives and futures of their children. Click to learn more.

Education Support Fund

The Education Support Fund targets outstanding students who are identified as strong leaders with the ability to affect change in their communities with one-time support related to their education.

education support fund

Literacy and Libraries

literacy and libraries

Help Lesotho runs two libraries in the Seotlong Leadership Centres in northern Lesotho. Both are non-lending libraries that are stocked with Afro-centred books, local newspapers, high school textbooks, and many other resources. Trained youth are available at all times in the libraries to ensure that help is always available for visitors of all ages and reading levels.

Preschool Literacy Program

This program aims to enhance the early literacy experiences for children from underprivileged preschools who might otherwise attend school unprepared and unmotivated to learn. At Help Lesotho’s two libraries, preschool children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of interesting and fun literacy-based games and activities.

Preschool literacy

Schools Helping Schools

Schools helping schools

The Schools Helping Schools Program was one of the first programs launched when Help Lesotho was founded. Since 2004, thousands of children and youth have benefitted from such support as classroom construction/repair, uniforms and shoes, classroom supplies, textbooks, rain barrels, blankets and toothbrushes! Click to learn more.

Gender Conferences

Both boys and girls participate in Gender Conferences which address the consequences of gender inequity and promote both attitude and behaviour change related to gender roles in Africa as youth become agents of change in their communities.

Gender Conferences

Leaders-in-Training Program


Selected young adults participate in a 3-month intensive training program 4 days a week, followed by 4 weeks of voluntary community engagement.  The program has grown each year and now accepts up to 60 young people for the training. The goal of the program is to develop a cohort of young resilient people as peer-to-peer agents of change in their communities.

Leadership Camp

Between 150-200 children are divided into two groups by age and attend an annual five-day Help Lesotho Leadership Camp. They enjoy meaningful learning opportunities, receive nutritious meals and snacks, make new friends and have fun in a safe place. Trained Help Lesotho youth and staff run the activities as examples of local role models in leadership roles.

leadership camp

Out-of-School Youth Training

out of school youth

The Out-of-School Youth Training empowers out-of-school youth with the knowledge and coping strategies for positive behaviourial and social change and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

Youth Leader Volunteer Program

Youth Leader Volunteers support Help Lesotho’s work with orphans and vulnerable children. Volunteers are assigned shifts at each of Help Lesotho’s Seotlong Leadership Centres where they assist with programming and run activities and events. The Volunteers are selected from the graduates of Help Lesotho’s intensive Leaders in Training Program, and they receive a small stipend for their work.

Teacher Training

teacher training

Teachers and principals from partner schools participate in training related to knowledge sharing and professional development at an annual 5-day conference, at both of Help Lesotho’s Seotlong Leadership Centres and in various rural communities. The content of the program is developed as a direct response to educator requests for professional development.

Orphan Relief Fund

While Help Lesotho is committed to sustainable development initiatives, basic relief is a component of psychosocial support to children. The Orphan Relief Fund provides relief and support to vulnerable children to build hope and resilience.

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