Help Lesotho’s Approach

EC edits (8)Help Lesotho’s programs address our beneficiaries holistically with a combination of safe, open learning environments, compassionate psychosocial support and carefully sequenced materials that foster cognitive development, challenge unhealthy myths or beliefs and entertain new, more helpful ideas and strategies.

Real and lasting transformation is achieved through reiterative programming that addresses core causes, deals with emotional realities and provides practical, locally relevant strategies.

Each of the seven dimensions of human development — sexual, psychological, moral, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical — are acknowledged and addressed through reiterative interventions and an integration of content that is both cumulative and reinforcing.

It is this depth and integration of human needs with multiple exposures that bring about the transformational results that create meaningful and lasting change in human behaviour and attitudes.

Our programs enable Basotho to rise above suffering, to heal, grow, work and lead, and to become responsible citizens.