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Our Work

We are empowering a critical mass of children and youth with the knowledge and support needed for them to lead a movement that: advocates for social justice, particularly the rights of girls and women in pursuit of gender equity; promotes the prevention of HIV transmission; and champions and challenges all involved to make healthy decisions and be socially responsible.

The Crisis


map of south africa showing lesotho

We work in rural communities in the southern African country of Lesotho.


The bottom line:

Orphaned, vulnerable children and youth need support and guidance to grow up as healthy, productive members of society.

AIDS has decimated the working and parental generation, leaving children and youth without role models or positive influencers.

Our Approach


Our two community leadership centres and village-based programs reach children and youth — and the grandmothers, teachers, and community members who support them — with education and life skills training.

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Our approach empowers people to:

Our Impact

Individuals develop:

  • Confidence and self-esteem;
  • Knowledge, skills and motivation; and
  • Leadership to create a better future.

Then they create positive social change:

  • Reduced HIV transmission and more people living positively;
  • Increased gender equity and respect for women’s rights; and
  • Multigenerational ripple effect of role models with positive attitudes and behaviours.

Creating a critical mass of critical thinkers!

Our Four Pillars of Responsible Development


Program content is population-specific with key messages consistent within and across programs and populations.


Local staff deliver and account for the on-the-ground programs and all purchasing is done locally to support the economy.


Our long-term programs & partnerships create meaningful change rather than one-off relief interventions.


Our approach accepts that sustained change requires individual support that is participatory and responsive to their needs.

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