Letters ‘from’ Lesotho 2021 2021-04-15T15:37:22+00:00

Since her first trip to Lesotho in 2004, Peg Herbert, Help Lesotho’s Founder and Executive Director, has written letters to her family, friends and supporters about her experiences and the progress of the organization. These 2021 letters are a little different. For the first time in 17 years, Peg isn’t able to be in Lesotho to write her letters. Instead she will share with you important Lesotho updates, COVID-19 developments and stories from beneficiaries on how they are fairing in this incredibly difficult time.

Letter 1: February 2021 (#131)

Letter 2: March 2021 (#132)

Letter 3: March 2021 (#133)

Letter 4: April 2021 (#134)

Letter 5: April 2021 (#135)

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