Key Facts About Lesotho

Many people have never heard of this tiny, landlocked country surrounded by South Africa. Here are the key facts about Lesotho:

The country is called Lesotho, the language is Sesotho, an individual is a Mosotho and the people are Basotho.

Official Name: Kingdom of Lesotho

Capital City: Maseru

Population: Approximately 2,074,000 (2013, World Bank)

Official Languages: Sesotho and English

Religion: 80% Christian

Political System: Constitutional monarchy with a prime minister and elected parliament

Main Crops: Maize, sorghum, wheat, barley, oats, beans, potatoes, spinach

Livestock: Sheep, goats, cattle, horses and donkeys

Industries: Tourism, garment manufacturing, food processing, brewing, maize, wheat milling, handicrafts (weaving and pottery)