Leaders in Training: Changing Lives in Lesotho

Help Lesotho’s Leaders in Training Program or LIT takes young adults from surrounding communities to participate in a 3-month intensive training program 4 days a week, followed by 4 weeks of voluntary community engagement.


Youth learn life skills such as self-esteem training. Many youth arrive at LIT unemployed, unmotivated and depressed. They leave the training empowered to set goals and make a change in their communities just like this young woman:

There is an inseparable link between the transmission and prevention of HIV and gender inequity. Gender equity and HIV/AIDS education and testing are key topics discussed in LIT. Issues of early marriage, power inequity, sexual violence, safe sex, and communication are among the issues covered.

Gender Equity

Many LIT participants have never heard of the concept of gender equity, but after the training they become advocated for social change, such as this young man:

The program has grown each year and now accepts up to 60 young people for each training. The goal of the program is to develop a cohort of young resilient people as peer-to-peer agents of change in their communities.


LIT participants are deeply grateful for this intensive training because it gives them a new lease on life, creates support groups and friendships within their communities and motivates them to be the change they want to see in the world.


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