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For Your Child’s Next Birthday, Host a KidsCare Birthday Party!

Hosting a KidsCare Birthday Party is a meaningful and fun way to honor your child’s special day while allowing them to experience the joy of giving back to children in southern Africa who desperately need a pair of shoes or a school bag. By organizing a KidsCare Birthday Party, you will give your child the greatest gift of all—the reward of helping others.

This simple package will help you add a unique dimension to your child’s special day that they and their friends will remember. This is an important step in showing your child that they can take real actions to help other children who truly need it.

HIV/AIDS has claimed the lives of thousands of parents in Lesotho, leaving nearly 20% of children orphaned and alone, and many more vulnerable. Many of these children live with grandparents, distant relatives, or community members who are themselves suffering from poverty and may be unable to provide basic supplies such as shoes and school bags. Instead of receiving gifts, your child can raise funds to purchase these items for children in Lesotho.

Click here to learn more about Lesotho, and the challenges facing children there – read this with your child!

Let’s get this party started!

  1. Download your info kit, below.
  2. Select an item to raise funds for: school bags or shoes.
  3. Download, customize, print, and send (or email!) invitations to guests.
  4. Encourage guests to bring a cash or cheque donation to the party.
  5. Host your party! Try playing some of the themed games, or reading the included story aloud.
  6. Print thank you cards in lieu of loot bags to send home with guests.
  7. Mail or deliver your collected donations to Help Lesotho!

What You’re Raising Money For


Shoes bring dignity and comfort to orphans. Many children in Lesotho cannot afford to replace their shoes when they wear out, and some don’t have shoes at all.

Without comfortable shoes, the long walk to school can be a frustrating and painful experience. Students receive black shoes to meet the uniform requirements of their schools.

School Bags

Many students in Lesotho have no option but to carry their things in a plastic shopping bag. The bag is often dragged over rocks and through rivers on their walk to school, resulting in a ripped bag and damaged supplies.

A school bag protects the child’s precious school supplies, and also includes a reusable lunch container and water bottle

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