An Inspiring Journey into Rural Africa

Help Lesotho invites you to travel to the beautiful mountain kingdom of Lesotho with us on a unique and profoundly moving journey. You will be part of an intimate group of special guests to enjoy 8 – 12 days on a touching and inspiring adventure in rural Lesotho – from the kind, welcoming people to the vast and ancient mountains.

  • An authentic experience in a safe and virtually untouched corner of rural Africa
  • Play, laugh and learn from the children, youth and grandmothers in our villages and programs
  • A unparalleled chance to witness and participate in the 5-day ‘Granny Conference’ with 200 grandmothers

The Mountain Kingdom Awaits 2017


Arrival in Lesotho: 

March 3, 2017

Departure from Lesotho:

March 15, 2017

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“The trip was a unique way of experiencing rural Africa, one that a tourist could never hope to recreate. Having Dr. Peg Herbert, with her unequalled record of accomplishments in Lesotho, as your trip ‘guide’; experiencing first hand the lives of a wide variety of Basotho from school children to young adults, to new mothers to grandmothers; being able to discuss insights and experiences with other group members; seeing significant parts of this beautiful country – all of these aspects and more made for a memorable, once in a lifetime trip.”   John Graham

Your host, Dr. Peg Herbert, Help Lesotho’s Founder and Executive Director, invites you to experience the magical place that has captured her heart since 2004.

For questions or to sign-up, please contact Kate Lambert at