Host a Fundraising Event

Help us raise funds and awareness in your community by hosting a fundraising event on behalf of Help Lesotho. This is a fantastic, fun way to get involved, and have a rewarding experience helping support vulnerable girls, youth, women and grandmothers in Lesotho.

Here are some ideas that could help get the ball rolling…
Pearls4Girls sale at your home or business
Games Night
Comedy Night
Trivia Night
Gourmet Dinner Party
Themed Party
Luncheon for Lesotho
Scavenger Hunt
Home or Garden Tour
A-thon – walk, bike, run, etc.
Sale – garage, book, bake, art, used items, etc.
Auctions – live, silent, blind
Make it musical – Concerts, Karokee, dance, etc.
Fundraising Dinner – fish fry, spaghetti night, etc.
Sporting Tournament – tennis, dodge ball, baseball, bocce ball, etc.

Getting started

  1. Pick the type of event you want to host that will interest people in your community. Be sure to research what other events are taking place in your community to ensure you are unique and newsworthy.
  1. Recruit a team of dedicated helpers. This is too much to do on your own so ideally you can involve your school, company, service club, book club or church – build a team!
  1. Determine your “ 5 Ws” – What (type of event), Where (ideally a venue at no cost), When, Why (there is a lot of competition out there) and Who (is your target audience). Please before you commit to any expenses see #4.
  1. Contact Help Lesotho staff to get approval and discuss the fundraising guidelines. We have tools to help you can we can provide you with an official letter that states you are fundraising on behalf of Help Lesotho.
  1. Arrange event logistics and back up plans for weather. Talking this through with your group is important. Rule of thumb is to always plan for the unexpected.
  1. Promote your event through all appropriate channels and Help Lesotho will help as appropriate through our website and social media channels.
  1. Collect and submit all proceeds after expenses to Help Lesotho within 30 days of your event.
  1. Thank everyone involved! Fellow organizers, volunteers, attendees. Tell everyone how much money you raised and show your appreciation for their contribution. You never know, you may want to have the event again. Thanking people genuinely goes a long way to getting people involved in the future.

Next Steps: We are here to support you! Help Lesotho staff look forward to working with you and sharing our Fundraising Guidelines and helpful tools to prepare your contact lists, set up an online fundraising page, pledge forms, etc.  We can also discuss customized projects with anyone committed to raising over $5,000.

Before you get started hosting a fundraising event, please contact Kate Lambert at 613-369-5864 or to discuss your idea, receive Help Lesotho items and learn more about fundraising for Help Lesotho.