Challenges in Lesotho

Challenges facing Lesotho children and youth:

  • Many students have to walk up to 2 hour each way to school;
  • Many have had nothing to eat and are unable to concentrate;
  • Many are without the required uniforms and shoes to stay warm and healthy;
  • Many come from homes where a parent, sibling or relative is sick with HIV/AIDS;
  • Child-headed households are quickly on the rise;
  • Most children and youth must look after sick people, work in the fields, fetch water and sticks for the fire or look after the animals; and
  • Only 20% of youth in Lesotho are able to attend to high school because school fees must be paid to attend. ¬†Most cannot pay the fees or purchase uniforms and books required to attend high school and are forced to sit at home.


Challenges facing Lesotho schools:

  • Teachers have few resources to work with;
  • Teachers must board at the school during the week and often live in horrible housing conditions;
  • Government funding for teachers is severely inadequate;
  • Many teachers do not have the training to properly educate the children;
  • School buildings are old and crumbling and there is no money for maintenance or repair; and
  • Many pit latrines (toilets) are often full and must be emptied or replaced (without proper toilet facilities many girls will not come to school.)